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Data, at your fingertips.



Streaming, batch, structured or unstructured - we will get your data to you to ensure that you are well informed at all times.



We understand and implement security at the core of every solution. It's not just about security, though - we make sure your data helps you stay compliant with sophisticated and easy governance.



We will work hard to get you your data expediently and securely, provide you with tools to measure and monitor it.   You will get your the right data, at the right time, in the cloud or on premises with valuable insights to drive better business outcomes.


Data Indicators big data analytics provides an opportunity to your 

organization for new  actionable insights.  Organizations can take advantage of disparate data sources and apply analytics techniques on siloed data.          Data Indicators engineers will help your organization to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other information for more-informed business decisions and maximum insights.

Big Data

Data Indicators engineers are experts in development and support services both on premises as well as 

Cloud-based big data on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud

Out expertise extends to Hadoop-based environments. stemming from years of continuous work in development, support, installation, integration as well as holistic data security and governance. Our stack expertise Hortonworks and Cloudera .

Data Engineering

Our data engineers help  build and maintain the Organization’s data pipeline systems, clean and wrangle data into a usable state, using various core competencies , i.e. python, Java, Scala, SQL,  R, etc. Our expert data engineers Build and maintain databases and datasets off both structured and unstructured data, Design and Analyze data for Machine learning pipelines, cleanse and munge datasets to fit for purpose, govern and secure data across the Enterprise.

Machine Learning

Our data scientist use predictive analytics machine learning algorithms to anticipate the future outcome and guide the business in the decision making.

Using these techniques, thousands of predictive models can be created, deployed, maintained and maintained in order to provide optimum solutions for the business, and provide distinctive competitive insights.  Our domain expertise includes Cost Optimization, Trip-based Insurance, Revenue Management,  Real-time image processing, and many others.

Our Services
About Us



When Data Indicators was formed in 1997, we set out to form a revolutionary offering of specialized data-centric services in order to address the challenges of timely, data driven insights to assist organizations challenged with high velocity, time-sensitive business decisions. We are passionate about we do and are excited to share this passion and value with you.


Our vision is to establish industry recognized thought leadership in the spaces of business, service and information management. Our expertise is unique and aggregates the collective experience of a highly specialized and experienced team - spanning domains and industries, variable in technology and complexity - sharing a passion for automation, monitoring and most importantly - data driven business value.


Our solutions and clients cross the insurance and financial domains, manufacturing, entertainment and specialized ventures. Tool agnostic and ready to work with any technology - our focus is the timely delivery of data-driven business value.


Tel: 614-446-7635
Fax: 800-728-9020
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